Security Tips for Preventing Playground Injuries

Absolutely nothing can destroy a fun and care-free afternoon at the park or playground like an unforeseen and avoidable injury. The security of kids must be the leading concern for the business that design and manufacture playground devices and leisure locations.

Regretfully, this is not constantly the case. Research studies have found that over 200,000 kids are required to emergency clinic in the United States every year because of playground injuries. In much of these cases, the injuries might have been prevented through increased adult guidance or much safer playground design.

Below are some easy things that parents need to remember to make sure the security of their kids.

Playground Design

Among the most essential consider playground design security is not the design of the devices itself, but the surface area on which the devices lies. In the procedure of playing and playing around, it is likely that most kids will drop at some time.

Because of this, it is important that the surface area offered is soft and cushioning. Difficult products like concrete, lawn, or jam-packed earth are not safe for kids because they do not supply any cushion in case of a fall.

Parents ought to examine that a playground is appeared with soft and flexible product such as:

  • Sand


  • Mulch
  • Shredded rubber


  • Pea gravel
  • Rubber-like products


In addition, playground surface areas must not be securely loaded or they will lose their cushioning homes. Lastly, there must be roughly 12 inches of surface area product for each 8 feet (height) of playground devices.

Adult Supervision

Many playground injuries can be avoided with a sufficient quantity of adult guidance. Since kids are frequently uninformed of the threats of careless and aggressive habits, it is vital that there are constantly grownups present at a playground to keep track of and manage kid’s playing.

When examining a playground website for security, you must ensure that there is an area where parents can observe kids playing which all parts of the playground show up.

In addition, parents ought to focus on the habits of the kids present on the playground. Many households will go to the exact same playground over and over, therefore keeping track of the habits of kids at the playground can help you identify how safe or risky it may be for your child to have fun with these other kids.